Customer Service: 1-800-311-4634

Mail Payments to:
American Electric Power
P. O. Box 24407
Canton, OH 44701-4407

Customer Service, Automated Billing/Payment Arrangements:

Mail Payments to:
Bill Payment Center
Chicago, IL 60663-0001

Customer Service, Billing and Repair: (765) 284-3357

Mail Payments to:
Comcast of Indianapolis
P. O. Box 3005
Southwestern, PA 19398-3005

Local Address:
Comcast Cable TV
2800 West 26TH Street
Muncie, IN 47302

Customer Service: 1-800-227-1376

Mail Payments to:
Vectren Energy Delivery
P. O. Box 6248
Indianapolis, IN 46206-6248

Customer Service: 1-800-492-8373

Mail Payments to:
Indiana-American Water Co. 
P. O. Box 2555
Decatur, IN 62525-2555

Phone (765) 282-9754

401 S Albany St.
Selma, IN 47383

TellCSX centralizes the tracking of, responding to, and reporting of all non-emergency public issues and concerns. TellCSX handles non-emergency questions and concerns such as: rough crossings, vegetation, real estate, media concerns, blocked crossings, and horn noise.

(877) TellCSX, or (877) 835-5279>Contact Us

Customer Service: 1-800-745-5714
7256 W. CO. RD 600 S

Modoc, IN 47358

Best Way Website (Selma)

This tool allows people experiencing financial hardship to enter their zip code and find government and charity organizations in their area to assist with their utility bills.

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